Laux Company cultivates a culture of positivity amidst adversity and is rooted in the same DIY mentality that has sparked revolutions and changed the status quo throughout history.

It is not a “company” in the traditional sense of the word. 

It is the company we keep. Those considered to be of great worth and reliability; The salt of the earth. It is the camaraderie we’ve built amongst ourselves by way of individual journey.

A family - blood-related AND chosen.

We come from broken homes, hearts, and bones. We chase that which we love by any means necessary taking inspiration from those closest to us. We use negative experiences as fuel to seek positivity and leave the world better than the one we arrived in, even if our vessel carries a small chip on the shoulder.

We are the architects of a destiny said not to be ours.

Where there is one, there are many.

Where there are many, there is strength.


07.01.1986 - 03.03.2017
Our Brother. Our Friend. Forever In Our Hearts